Born in Barreiro, a small city with an industrial history, Correia has lived all his life south of the tejo river and has for long been inspired and influenced by the characteristics that define this environment that surrounds him.

Shortly after graduating in design he decided not to complete his Masters to follow his studies in Photography, and this ultimately resulted in a blending of techniques and disciplines, and it’s in this blend that he found his own form of expression.

For him, Photography was always something plastic and malleable, therefore subject to interpretation, employing techniques and alternative photography processes through the manipulation of digital photography and creation of custom negatives.

Bridging the gap between the digital and the analog world, he looks to build a personal interpretative discourse based on the specific characteristic features of the city where he grew up, which suffered from a process of deindustrialization and partial abandonment of its infrastructure. It’s this memory that is symbolically present in his works, motivated by things such as factories, ruins, train yards, chimneys, etc. of which he captures, develops and transforms.