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" Symbology of an Environment " 

Part I


Having lived his entire life in the suburbs, enclosed by an urban environment, Pedro “ .RAW ” Correia has long been captivated by the social and visual characteristics that define his environment.

These series of works, reflect upon the stimuli that the artist receives from his environment, and the belief that our perception of the world is based on our social construct.

That each individual has is definition of reality, it’s own unique perspective, subject to his interpretation. And that every time we step into the world it influences us, and we influence it by consequence, everything we touch, eventually touches us back.

In a sense we are a mere reflexion of our experiences and influences, everything that we experience, influences us and our perception of reality.





" The Diversity in Being "

Part II


Society often teaches us to differentiate, separate and marginalize anything that    
strays from it’s accepted perceptions. It accumulates inequalities, leaving people
restricted by outside factors and exposed to the needs of an unequal and
authoritarian society.

Such differences lead to social and cultural divisions, that tend to create
misconceptions and stereotypes, seeing people as something singular and easily
categorizing them. When in true every life has the potential to be anything, it’s
our paths, that shape and mold us into what we are.

And the true value of our potential lies within our own differences, and our ability
to respect  them, as we should all be different in some way, so we can have
something to add to the world.